Birdland, Hamburg 15th June 2019

All my most beloved French chansons! Toutes les chansons que j’ aimes.. We created a little medley for you guys, so everyone can have a peak into a French evening with me. Listen to the sweet bits and pieces of Padam Padam, Milord, Sous Le Ciel De Paris, La Vie En Rose, L’ Accordeoniste, Paris, La Foule, Mon Dieu, Mon Amant De St. Jean, L’ Hymne a l’ Amour, Ne Me Quitte Pas, Quand On a Que l’ Amour..

L’ Accordeoniste – The Accordion Player It is the story of love and joy, sadness and hope, loneliness and desperation.. he went to war and never returned- she was left alone with shattered dreams of a better life, a life full of love and.. him playing La Java.. a story so sad, but so pure and beautiful in this song!

La Foule – The Crowd .. these moments at a big fest, where you are being pushed into the crowd and get swayed around.. finding the alleged love of your life, holding on and dancing, screaming furiously of joy and pain.. and then suddenly losing them forever! A fun tragedy with a magnificent intro by Enno Dugnus. Enjoy!

Mon Dieu – Dear God It is a prayer in fact.. Give me more time, dear God, to fill my life with joy, to create memories and good moments. I am willing to accept those moments of suffering, as long as you let me have those of enlightment as well. Laissez le moi encore un peu, mon Amoureux!

Here comes Paris, good old Paris! You have always been my happy place! With all your historic buildings, the artists and beggars on the streets.. the little cafes.. Notre Dame, Montparnasse, le cafe du Dome.. the early mornings and late evening talks. In happiness and in those difficult times- in the end- you and I- we always find each other, on se retrouvera tous les deux, mon grand Paris!

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